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NEDA Webinar: Tech for Economic Developers
Fact: Applications and technology change rapidly. Learn to adapt or go extinct.
Back by popular demand, NEDA’s tech geek duo - Anthony Capece & Christa Franzi - are holding an online encore to their 2014 NEDA Conference Session: Using Technology for Dummies Economic Developers & Business Professionals. 
We’re not technology, marketing, or social media “experts”. We are economic developers that use these tools to compete in economic development on a daily basis and, through lots of trial and error, know what tools can help other economic developers excel. To get the conversation started we’ll present a few tips and cool digital technology tools, maybe even show a few quick videos, and then spend most of our time facilitating a Q&A style discussion. 
Not your grandma’s webinar…
We’re stepping outside of our own comfort zone. This will be NEDA’s first ever live YouTube broadcast. It might work seamlessly, we might totally screw it up, either way it should be fun and we’ll all learn how to use some digital technology tools together. Bring a lunch. Bring a friend. And join us for this exciting online session. 
Date: Feb 26th 
Time: 11:30 AM
Cost: Free to EDANJ members

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