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An Opportunity for EDANJ Members from our Colleagues at NEDA

The Federal Defense Industry Readjustment Program is not a BRAC type program only for communities dealing with a base closure.  This program is to designed to assist communities that are being hit by defense budget cuts on a smaller scale or in a multitude of ways that can only be calculated by looking at the community as a whole.  If your community has businesses that work for the defense industry in ways noted below, please take the time to listen in to this webinar.  EDANJ is fortunate that NEDA is  on the ground floor of this programand shared it with us in a timely way.

"Federal Defense Industry Readjustment Program"
Webinar - Thursday, June 19th 
2:00pm-3:30pm EST

President Obama's budget request marks the fifth consecutive year of procurement reductions at the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD's Office of Economic Adjustment has funding available for communities affected by DoD procurement reductions. This month's webinar will explain how your community or state might be able to utilize these resources. The presentation will include an overview of state and local defense industry adjustment projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The speakers will be available to answer your questions afterwards.

Through technical and financial assistance, OEA supports regions that have been directly and significantly impacted by: the cancellation or termination of a DoD contract or the failure to proceed with an approved major weapon system program; a publicly announced, planned major reduction in DoD spending that would directly and adversely affect a community; or, the closure or the significantly reduced operations of a defense facility as the result of a merger, acquisition, or consolidation of the defense contractor operating the defense facility. States and communities that have been significantly impacted by reductions or cancellations in DoD programs can request OEA assistance to: organize themselves; plan strategies; and, carry out strategies through public-private ventures. 

State governments may also request assistance from OEA to enhance their capacity to plan and carry out economic diversification activities, including mapping the defense supply chain, and identifying or developing resources that can be mobilized in the event of a regional defense impact.

biographies on the speakers and to see the Defense Industry Adjustment brochure

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