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News from EDANJ Board Members in the field

On March 14, Board Member Leah Yasenchak  attended the 2014 NJ Future Forum in New Brunswick.  NJ Future is a nonprofit organization that conducts research and advocacy for responsible land use policies—definitely a kindred spirit to EDANJ.   While primarily a planning organization, economic development professionals felt right at home in many of the sessions.  From the morning plenary that looked at downtown revitalization projects in Providence, RI; Cincinnati, OH; and Detroit, MI to the lunch speaker Seth Pinsky, former president of the New York City Economic Development Council, an ongoing focus of the event was on economic development.  With over 500 attendees from a diverse cross section of organizations that include local, county, state and federal government representatives; non-profits; developers; utilities; attorneys; and consultants, the event offered plenty of opportunities for networking.  It was a great opportunity to step back, talk to divergent perspectives, and think about how to move the state forward in topics as diverse as energy resiliency, downtown development, green infrastructure, COAH, and many other topics.

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