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BCONE - Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop

EDANJ is proud to once again be a supporting organization for the March 5, 2014 Northeast Sustainable Communities Workshop, being held at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

This reasonably priced event features workshop sessions from the perspective of what is really happening on the ground in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Topics will include:

  • Effects of and Adaptation to Climate Change: Stronger, Safer, More Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
  • Energy Projects on Contaminated Sites
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Looking Ahead: Brownfields in the New Administration
  • Sustainability, Partnership, and Equity Mechanisms: Jersey City's Innovative Approach to Redevelopment through Green Infrastructure Solutions
  • Where are the Incentives: Looking for Innovations-It isn't just about money!
  • Sea of Change: Waterfront Development in the Post-Sandy Era
  • Strategies for Creating Municipal Capacity for Development

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